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Hemani Tea Tree Oil 30 Ml
Herbal Oils

Hemani Tea Tree Oil 30 Ml

Hemani Tea Tree Oil (30 ml bottle) is distilled from the finest tea tree leaves. It's formulated as a natural and potent addition to your daily health and skincare regimen, emphasizing the natural benefits of tea tree oil for skin and overall wellness.

Benefits for you

  • Tea tree oil is renowned for its powerful antiseptic properties, making it highly effective in treating acne, reducing inflammation, and combating skin blemishes. 
  • Its antimicrobial qualities can also aid in soothing and healing skin irritations, cuts, and infections, providing a protective barrier for your skin.
  • Beyond skincare, tea tree oil is valued for its ability to purify the air when used in diffusers, promoting a cleaner, more refreshing environment.

How to use it

  1. Apply a diluted amount directly to the skin to target acne or blemishes.
  2. Mix a few drops into your bath water for a detoxifying soak.
  3. Add it to your skincare products for an extra antimicrobial boost.

category :Herbal Oils
weight :30 ml
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