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Hemani Oil - Camphor 12Units
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Hemani Oil - Camphor 12Units

Hemani Camphor Oil is purely extracted from the camphor tree and offers a myriad of benefits for both body and mind. 

What are the health benefits of camphor oil?

  • Soothes sore muscles and joints, providing comforting relief.
  • Camphor oil helps clear congestion and ease breathing during colds and coughs.
  • Promotes healthy skin by reducing inflammation and soothing irritation.
  • The invigorating scent of camphor oil uplifts the mood and promotes relaxation.

How to use camphor oil?

  • Dilute a few drops with a carrier oil and massage onto affected areas.
  • Add a few drops of camphor oil to hot water and inhale the steam for respiratory relief.
  • Add camphor oil drops to a diffuser to freshen the air and create a calming ambiance.

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