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Hemani Clove Oil 30 Ml
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Hemani Clove Oil 30 Ml

Hemani Clove Oil is a high-quality and naturally extracted clove oil. This essential oil harnesses the natural benefits of clove for oral health, pain relief, and antibacterial needs.

Natural antiseptic and pain reliever

Clove oil is well-known for its potent antiseptic properties, making it highly effective in dental care. Its eugenol content is a natural pain reliever and has been used in traditional remedies for centuries.

Benefits for your health

  • Clove oil is beneficial for maintaining oral hygiene and combating dental pain.
  • It fights against a wide range of bacterial infections, making it a natural choice for wound care.
  • Clove oil can be applied topically to soothe muscle pain and arthritic discomfort.

Usage directions

  1. Apply a small amount to a cotton ball and dab onto the affected area for relief from toothaches.
  2. Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to the skin to treat infections or for pain relief.
  3. Use a diffuser to benefit from its antimicrobial properties and to help ease respiratory conditions.

category :Herbal Oils
weight :30 ml
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